It seems we are regressing

My name is Khehla Sithebe. Originally from Soweto and, I now live here in the northern suburbs. Democracy for me, is something that was long overdue.

Given the fact that, there was so much fighting between the races in South Africa.

Well, now there’s a lot of change, I must say. Clearly, being fought for by the ANC. As the ANC is the ruling party right now. There’s so much more that must be done, You name it, you know youth unemployment.

I remember… that education is supposed to be free. That’s the thing that people signed up for. For our Democracy… And everything else that is negative. I think if you are a South African you know what I’m talking about.

And it seems like we are regressing, you know going backwards. In terms of our gains that we have, we have gained… post 1994.

And I hope these elections will bring people or leadership that we are deserving.